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January, 2023

Chattanooga, TN residents, Mark and Stan Siedlecki are a father and son pair who made an impactful donation to Ukraine and its war efforts. Late last year, the Siedlecki family traveled to the nation where both Mark and Stan felt compelled to donate a vehicle after witnessing the catastrophic state that Ukraine currently experiences.

Upon their arrival, the Siedlecki family spoke with Ukraine’s military representatives.  The meeting was newscast where they received many thanks for their support.

Mark’s zeal to support Ukraine’s war efforts stems from his deep family roots in Poland and Ukraine. “My father is from Poland, and so I spent a lot of time and lived in Central Europe, including Ukraine. Ukraine is more than just a country to me; it would be like how I feel about Chattanooga, it’s family, and that is why I feel compelled to help,” said Mark.

While Mark has personal connections to Ukraine, his support is also a call for other Americans to help because of its direct impact on the future of Ukraine, America, and Democracy. “The war in Ukraine is more than just supporting those in need," he said, "it is a fight for freedom and against fascism. Putin has already made known his disdain for the West, specifically America. Putin’s plan is to go all the way to Portugal, so he must be stopped. If we stand idle to what we see happen in Ukraine, it won’t be a distant war but may very well soon be on our shore”.

Mark is now raising awareness in the West and trying to rally support by launching a news website, Inside Ukraine. Inside Ukraine was formerly part of a previous news site known as, Inside World. After partnering with Reuters, the website was active from 1994 until 2020. Due to the escalation of the conflict in Ukraine, it is necessary to implement a clearing house for authentic and current material regarding the war. As a result of this, Mark has chosen to relaunch the website altogether.

The purpose of this website is twofold. The first purpose is to provide Americans a basic understanding of Russia and Ukraine’s deep-rooted, conflicting history. Second, the website will strive to spur support from politicians to make a difference. Inside Ukraine will invite and exhibit expert opinions to help readers understand the nuances and implications the war may have on America from a Western perspective.

“I want to call politicians to action, and to me that is an important aspect of Inside Ukraine," Mark continues. "I have been extremely disappointed with those who say they will not give another dime to the war effort of Ukraine. Politicians who are denying help to Ukraine need to be voted out of office.” It is his sincere hope that those who are affected by his call to support Ukraine will reach out to their representatives and, consequently, seek out ways that the United States can help the state and people of Ukraine. Further, Mark anticipates that Inside Ukraine will encourage individuals towards aiding those impacted by the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. 

To learn more about the current crisis in Ukraine, visit, where you can find ways to donate. Inside Ukraine is a not-for-profit venture of Novare Digital Corp. 

Mark A. Siedlecki


Novare Digital began in January 1994 in Warsaw, Poland but in 2000 relocated to Chattanooga, Tennessee. For over two decades, we have been providing advertising solutions for companies of all sizes.

As the Ukraine war began, we knew we wanted to be an advocate for the people of Ukraine. With the companies’ roots located in Poland, Ukraine, and America, we saw the perfect opportunity to create Inside Ukraine as a way to bring awareness of the war to those in America.

Inside Ukraine is a way to help inform Americans about the individual perspectives of those who live in Ukraine and background for the current situation of Ukraine.

As a way of using Inside Ukraine to help, we look to employ the locals as a way to support and amplify their message.

We are a not-for-profit venture of Novare Digital in support of the people in Ukraine. Money generated from Inside Ukraine will help the people affected by the war.


To Bring Awareness to The People of America and Raise Support for the People of Ukraine

Our mission is to help Americans understand Ukraine’s current social and political environment by looking at present and past events. We can’t change the past, but understanding it, we can help create a new future. We hope that Americans can make a difference in the individual lives of those in Ukraine by sharing what they learn and supporting those in need.


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